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Signs That You Need to Hire a Gas Engineer

Gas is used for heating and cooking, and it allows you to light up a flame in a secure environment. The gas supply is usually connected to the main building through rigid pipes, and it can be carried all the way to the geysers and the stoves. However, problems in the gas supply are quite common, and you may need to call a gas engineer to fix the issue. There are many issues that might arise, such as:

  • Disruptions in the gas supply
  • Excessive gas from the pipes
  • Gas leakage

Meddling with the gas supply on your own is not a wise move. You could end up seriously hurting yourself, or even passing out. Instead, you should hire a gas engineer in Edinburgh for the job. Here are some signs that you need to call one right away.

Persistent Gaseous Smell

One of the main reasons why you need to hire a gas engineer is if you get a persistent gas smell in your house. It’s recommended that you call an engineer, because there might be a severe leakage in the building. In case it’s exposed to a flame, the gas might ignite, and that can lead to extensive damage.

Slow Supply

If the supply of gas is relatively slow and you are unable to get a proper flame on the stove, it’s important that you call a gas engineer. They will fix the problem for you and determine what’s causing the disruption.

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