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Chesterfield sofa

Have you ever wondered and listened to if your living room is screaming about getting a renovation or an upgrade? Even if the answer is no, there is always room for improvement. With time, the walls, drapes and other decoration items are worn out and need replacement. If you are prompt and always on the lookout for new designs and trends in the fashion field of interiors, then having a chesterfield sofa is a must in your living room.

With that, you can renovate in many other ways, such as going contemporary, tuned to simple and clean lines. If you are a music freak, then have something crazy going on and throw bold and beautiful colours. Let us see what else you can do to style your living room which becomes the talk of the town.

What is renovation?

Renovation implies restoring, renew or repairing the vicinity to a good condition. You can revive the whole project by intensifying labour and capital if required. Moreover, renovation is done to the exterior and interior sides of the house.

Now let us see how you can style your living room by renovating it in different ways.

Revamp the furniture:

Buying a new set of furniture when you have a perfect set at home can be tedious and expensive at times. Many people find it better to revamp and refurbish the old pieces which are lying idle and untidy. You have to upgrade the upholstery, which makes sense because every piece’s wooden frame is usually solid and pretty strong, so why throw it away?

The next thing to consider is that you can look and follow the trend at the renovation time. If the trend calls for printed material and flowery colours, you can do the same with the sofa. Otherwise, you can have a simple chesterfield sofa with a new upholstery placed right at the centre of the living room. Place a table and some chairs to complete the contemporary and modern look. It will automatically give an expensive look best suited to your needs.

Colour palette:

There are loads of options available in the market in terms of the colour scheme and palette. You have to visit the shop and see various colour schemes incorporated into your living room during renovation. It is the easiest way to uplift the face of your living room and make it lovely. You can try out some contrasting colours with crisp bold here and there to complete the finished look.

Furthermore, see what colour chesterfield sofa you have at home. If it’s the traditional look, then opt for soft brown and smooth pale peach. Else you can go for visual effects and use painters tape, which is considered quite modern these days. The lines would look really good on the main wall and paint the other in softer tones.

Floor it:

The first thing you notice when you step into the living room is the type of flooring you have. Identify the style you have as your personality. It will help you greatly with the flooring you want. Keep it natural with some wooden logs and flooring in brown and beige colour. With that, you can have natural flowers and leaves in pots for the perfect nature around you.

If this is not of interest, then cover the floor with a traditional rug or a simple plain rug in one tone. Choose a smaller rug if you want to place a centrepiece. It will complement a nice flooring of various colours.

Space savvy:

Suppose you are doing a full renovation, then why not create some extra space in the living room. You can knock down a wall and create an arch that connects to the other rooms. With that, have some windows installed which will make the space larger.  It will save you quite a lot of money if you are doing this while renovating.

If you have a small space, creating a wider space to keep a chesterfield sofa with a couch will get the hype up. You will also have more room for accessories and even have a reading corner while you relax and even take a nap.

Create light:

Sometimes all you need is a good layout plan. While renovating the living room, it would be great if you had more space to create walls to create some windows to let the natural light into the room. The rustic look that you have makes the room clingy. You can eliminate this look by having more windows which will lighten things up.  If you wish to have tall french style windows with blinds, then go for it.

Furthermore, the crisp and cosy colours of black and white with some gold greens and yellow will make the living room stand out. You can have some plaid pillows on a chesterfield sofa to have a country feel. You can also have some coloured blinds or curtains to match the colour scheme of the living room.

How much will a renovation cost?

It is one of the most basic questions everyone asks before going for a renovation. For clarification, the renovation costs much less than buying entirely new things. Moreover, you can choose and do some DIY projects if you are good at home art and craft. Usually, it is advised to have professional hands for main tasks and the secondary you can do on your own.


Renovating a living room is quite easy if you know what to do. Choose ideas that look and are unique to you and make sure that it is appealing for all. Have a chesterfield sofa which is traditional and never goes out of fashion. With that, see the ideas given to you and see the change in your living room and be inspired by the trend that is right now and for the future as well.

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