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Benefits of Owning a Concrete Franchise

The current market is undergoing the most significant change in ownership in the industry’s entire history. You have a fantastic opportunity presented to you by this highly lucrative market. First Choice Business Brokers was established in 1994 and has since developed into a family consisting of more than one hundred brokers and agents around the country.

There are various opportunities that assist buyers and sellers in the main street and middle or lower market with their buy/sell operations most efficiently and professionally. Some of these opportunities include the Minneapolis business opportunity. There are leaders in their business, with operating procedures and methods superior to those used by competitors.

Advantages of a Business Brokerage

  1. Low starting investment required
  2. Low operating costs and no stock to worry about
  • Few or even none of the staff
  1. Customers that shop with us multiple times, leading to exponential expansion
  2. Extremely extensible and scalable.
  3. Only for business-to-business transactions
  • No previous required experience
  • Daytime as well as hours during the week
  1. Participate in the life of your local community.

A significant market for the upcoming decades has been formed due to factors such as the retirement of self-employed baby boomers, corporate downsizing, and the increasing affordability of business entities. The ability of our industry to remain stable despite shifts in the economy is of much greater significance. As a result of the fact that the sale of a business opens the door to innovative financing, which may or may not involve the participation of third-party lenders, credit scores and interest rates are a lot less of a concern (and a pain) in our industry than they are in others.

What to receive first as a first-choice business broker

The initial and ongoing training that First Choice delivers to its franchisees and the agents that work under them is the most extensive.

The industry’s most sophisticated and effective proprietary software, which not only stores and publishes your business listings but also serves as your office administration hub, organizing every facet of your company from A to Z.

The industry’s most comprehensive “living contracts” and forms have become virtually “bulletproof” due to the thousands of completed business sales that have taken place over the company’s 25 years of operation. The Value of Experience counts.

You will be advantageous if you work with a seasoned Business Broker. The purchase or sale of an existing company is a significant life event. We are experts in the process, which includes preparing a business for sale, valuing the business, marketing the business, negotiating the deal, securing finance for business acquisitions, qualifying buyers, and drafting papers for the closure. We are sensitive to the need for privacy and will always maintain it.

Wrapping up

Physical therapy at Competitive Edge is focused on biofeedback and is provided in a concierge setting. Our treatments are designed to assist the athletes we serve in recovering from injuries and succeeding in activities and goals they had never before considered possible.

If you want to be a part of a team that has a passion for innovation, uses cutting-edge solutions, and takes an approach that puts the power back in the hands of their customers, then becoming the owner of a Leading Edge physical therapy company is the way to do it.

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