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All you Need to Know About Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors have quite a complex tracking mechanism, and despite being rather robust, it doesn’t take much to cause the doors to malfunction. Exerting a little too much pressure, for example, can cause the tracking mechanism to buckle, and this would result in the doors not operating in a smooth manner. There are several different types of garage doors, each with their own particular maintenance needs, and here are just a few.

  1. The Up and Over Garage Door – The most common of all garage door types, the up and over design requires regular checking of the springs, cables and nylon rollers. There is affordable garage door spring repair in Edinburgh, from a company that specialises in the repair of all types of garage doors, and if necessary, they can easily replace the springs.
  2. Traditional Side Opening Garage Doors – There are fewer moving parts on side hinge garage doors, and typically, it would be the hinges that require attention, as they come under a lot of stress. Most systems actually have a metal tracking that sits flush with the driveway and this needs to be kept clean at all times to ensure smooth opening and closing.
  1. Roller Shutter Garage Doors – These have an internal casing that houses the rolling mechanism, and some are motorised, which makes for effortless movement. The motor needs to be lubricated at regular intervals, and the side tracking slots also need to be kept clean and free from obstructions.

Whatever the issue with your garage doors, search online using a local business directory and that will put you in touch with a local company that specialises in repairing garage doors of all types.

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