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A Basic Guide to Vehicle Maintenance

If you are new to car ownership, there is a lot to learn and your vehicle is a very complex piece of machinery that does require regular servicing if it is to run at optimum levels. The servicing intervals are not measured by time, rather they ate determined by the car’s mileage, and while there might be slight differences from make to make, the average service interval is 5-8,000 miles.

Owner’s Manual

Every car has an owner’s manual that is packed with essential data about the vehicle, and at the rear section of this manual is the servicing schedule that determines when the vehicle should be serviced and what the service should consist of. If, for example, you are looking for Citroen service in Rotherham, you would have to find a garage that is approved by Citroen to service their vehicles.

Typical Service

When booking your car in for a service, the following would be included:

  • Replacing engine oil & filter – This is done at every service.
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter.
  • Close inspection of all drive belts – Looking for wear and tear or lack of tension.
  • Check engine coolant levels, power steering and brake fluid, topping up when necessary.

Of course, there might be other components that need to be replaced, such as brake pads, and the service section in the owner’s manual would specify exactly what needs to be checked or replaced.

Once the service has been completed, the garage would stamp the relevant page in the owner’s manual, which is evidence that the vehicle was serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.









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