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6 Top Causes Of Water Leakage In the Home

Water leakage is often taken for granted because the pipework is concealed. However, it can slowly damage your household, escalate bills and encourage organic growth. You can invest in a water detector device to help you track your drips and leakages. Alternatively, you can call water leak detection Allen, TX to sort you out at a reasonable fee.

You can also protect your home from water leaks damages by learning the causes and signs. You may not know when leaks form, but you can detect situations that can deteriorate and cause wastage.

Common causes of water leaks

  1. Broken seals

A special water seal is applied to pipes and joints when pipes are connected. The seal protects the pipes from dripping water in case there’s increased pressure. It also secures the connections and joints. However, the seal breaks or wears out as the water piping and connections age.

You need to inspect your connections and pipes for drips. You can buy a water sealant from a plumber store and apply it around the leaking pipes. The water seal dries instantly and should stop leakage and drips immediately.

  1. Clogged drains

A clogged water drain can be smelly and inconvenient. A clogged kitchen sink prevents water from flowing down the sewer line. You can prevent clogged kitchen drains by occasionally pouring hot soapy water down the drain.

In severe cases, clogged lines can burst pipes and lead to overflow. A professional plumber can help unblock clogged main pipes and handle severe water leakages.

  1. Corrosion

Corrosion can compromise the quality of your water systems. As the water systems in the home age, rust forms on the pipes. Severe rusting erodes and weakens the pipes, causing drips and leaks.

Access the quality of the water pipes in your systems and inspect them for rust. Then, call a plumber and replace the lines with newer ones. PVC water pipes can serve you longer because they do not rust.

  1. High water pressure

Excess water pressure can strain water joints and connections to cause leakage. Accumulating rust in the water systems can block passage and increase pressure.

The water pipes in your home are made to withstand a specific amount of pressure. You can hire a plumber to check your system’s water pressure and adjust it accordingly. Alternatively, you can regulate the water pressure from the gate valve outside the home.

  1. Leaking pipes

Some water pipes are embedded in the wall and cannot be spotted. However, if you detect dampness and mold on the wall, you could have leaking pipes inside the walls. If neglected, the water can compromise the wall, causing more losses. Call a plumber when you detect dampness on the wall and repair or replace them with new pipes.

  1. Damaged water pipes

Water pipes connection points are the weakest part of the system. The water pipes at the joints are constantly under pressure and easily break.


When water leakage is neglected, it can cause severe damage and loss. Therefore, inspect your water systems for drips and leakages. Significantly, appreciating the common causes of water leakage will help you know when to do repairs yourself and when to call a plumber.

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