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5 Easy Wall Painting Techniques to Spruce up Your Walls

Your walls are a blank canvas that you can decorate however your heart desires. In contemporary times, you need not go for a costly renovation to spruce up your space. Wall painting techniques are gaining popularity in 2022 and we are here for it.

You can add some patterns and designs to your solid walls by using various wall painting techniques. We are yet to reach the most exciting part. The best part about it is that it is inexpensive and if you are a decent DIY-er, then you don’t need to hire professional help.

Are you clueless about the best wall painting techniques that you can try? Fret not, we have got your back. We have narrowed down the 5 best wall painting ideas that you can try in 2022.

  1. Rag rolling

As the name suggests, this technique involves rolling a rag up and down freshly painted walls to create textures and patterns. This technique is simple and you can do it on your own. The best part is that you can unleash your creativity and create a unique wall that best reflects your personality and style. This wall painting idea is great for people who are sceptical of going for a bold texture and want something minimalistic.

  1. Wall stenciling

Wall stenciling is one of the easiest ways to bring textures, patterns and designs into your space. Pick a stencil that matches the aesthetics of your room and then spend a lazy Sunday afternoon stenciling an accent wall or the entire room. When it comes to walls stencils, you can either choose delicate floral motifs or go all out and choose something loud and quirky.

  1. Sponging 

Another easy wall painting technique that you can do on a weekend with your family is sponging. All that you need is a sponge or a sponge wall paint roller. The technique isn’t time-consuming and you don’t need to be a talented DIY-er to do it. Just read up on the basics of how to do it and you are good to go. A pro tip is to use a light hue if your wall is painted with a dark colour and vice versa so that the texture stands out and makes a statement.

  1. Ombre 

Do you love how the sky looks during the golden hour? What if we tell you that you can paint your walls with those hues? Ombre painting style is a fading effect in which typically a dark colour is used at the top and it fades into its lighter hue as we reach the bottom of the wall. You just need a dark paint colour and white wall paint to get a two-tone ombre wall. People who are looking for a painting technique that will brighten up their space must consider this painting style.

  1. Colour Washing 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to make your walls look luxurious and stylish, then look no further than this wall painting idea. Colour washing is also great if you want to add character, drama and depth to your space. Typically, two contrasting colours are layered on top of each other to give out a washed-out effect. Colour washing will give your walls a soft, romantic and organic effect.

Remember to thoroughly clean the wall surface and let it dry completely before you use any of the above wall painting techniques. So, which of these tickles your fancy?
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