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5 Different Windows Solutions For Unique Applications

Windows and Doors are essential to have in every property. Not just to protect from the weather and security, but they can also be more than just a functional part of your house.

New windows can dramatically change the style of your home, but it’s not always an option to replace them or you might want to try something new without completely changing windows. There are many different styles of windows besides the standard double-hung with two panes of glass within each frame. For unique applications where you might need windows that are different from what you have now, there are plenty of options with different features and benefits.

Single Hung

Single-hung windows have screens that sit lower than the windows in your house. They are held open using a crank handle but can be closed with the lever underneath each window.


This windows style is most often used for French doors and you usually see them at entrances to homes where they let in fresh air while also providing privacy. You can get these in single or double-hung.


A small window that is accessible from the outside, and they allow light into places like bathrooms and kitchens without needing to put windows in every room of your home.


Also when as bow or bay windows, they stick out from the roofline of your home so they may look like they are too small to function as windows. They are larger windows that give a great view of the outdoors and let in lots of natural light


This style is most often used for windows outside of your home like on back porches, in garages, windows over stairwells, and on sunroom additions. They can also be single or double-hung.


It may not function as regular windows but they still do their part to make your house stand out from other houses on the block with unusual designs and shapes. For example, bay and bow windows (or picture windows) will likely be fixed and can’t open and close, however, there are windows that are made to open or close so it’s possible to have on your home without them being too functional.

Knowing how to choose the window style that’s best for your home and the different windows styles on the market, you have peace of mind picking any to your home. No matter if you want windows with a unique design or those that do their job just like any other window would.  Choosing new windows is an exciting way to update your home on a budget.

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